The starting point for eco-efficient 
knitted final products

Polylana® Fiber and Yarn Properties

Polylana® Fiber is almost identical in physical properties to acrylic fiber and can be spun with cotton, wool, viscose, nylon, acrylic to enhance sustainability, functionality or/and aesthetics.

Polylana® blended yarn is a high quality sustainable yarn for knitwear and woven fabric applications containing at least 50% of Polylana® Fiber.

Polylana® blended yarns are available in a variety of compositions and different yarn counts.

Polylana® blended yarn can be used in multiple of applications including fashion, outdoor, sports, merchandising & gifts and home textiles.

Where to buy Polylana® Yarn

Polylana® Yarn is available from nominated 
Polylana® Licensed Spinners. There are licensed spinners of Polylana® Yarn in China, India, Turkey and Italy.

Please contact us to put you directly in contact with the right 
nominated spinner: hello@polylana-yarn.com

What types of Polylana® Fiber and Yarn are available?

Polylana® Fiber

• as staple and top fiber
• natural color
• solutions dyed / dope dyed
• high shrinkage, no shrinkage, re-combed, anti-pilling solutions
• in variety of deniers and cut lengths

Polylana® Yarn

Our nominated spinners are able to make any composition with Polylana® Fiber as required. In general the most common compositions are: Polylana® / (recycled) acrylic, Polylana® / (recycled) wool, Polylana® / (recycled) cotton, Polylana® (EcoVero®) viscose and 100% Polylana®

Polylana® Fiber is normally yarn dyed. Please contact us to make even a 
better impact, by using spindye (dope dye) technology of Polylana® Fiber: hello@polylana-yarn.com

Polylana® Hangtags

Polylana® Hangtags stand out in retail and are designed to drive sales at point-of-purchase 
by communicating the added benefits of Polylana® Fiber to consumers.

They come with a QR code linking to translations to over 25 languages. Polylana® Hangtags 
are supplied for free when the tracer as been detected in the final product.

As our partner, you get solid co-branding and marketing support from us, and you can add significant claims to your brand with lower impact fiber and believing in better. Last but not least, we want to ensure that you get increased sales thanks to Polylana® Brand. To increase awareness and sell-through we offer a number of marketing tools. Please contact us to discuss your needs: marketing@polylana-yarn.com


AWARE™ Integrity System enables Polylana® Fiber to be identified in the final product, even after knitting processing. Brands & Retailers are assured that they are incorporating genuine Polylana® Fiber in their products and that claims are validated. Our nominated Polylana® Licensed Spinners will work with Polylana® Fiber with Aware™ tracer. To guarantee traceability of Polylana® blended yarn the minimum content of Polylana® Fiber in final Polylana® Yarn has to be minimum 50%. The nominated Polylana® Licensed Spinners will provide for each production lot a composition test.

Become a nominated Polylana® Spinner