In the middle of 2015, our founder Feico van der Veen stood in front of the gate of a giant chemical plant in China with only a bag in his hand and a theoretical concept in his mind. He needed a professional partner helping him to produce an innovative PES pellet with the same characteristics as acrylic but with a proven positive environmental impact.....

At that time, he was owner end CEO of a trading company developing fashion accessories for large brands and retailers. He investigated sustainable materials for the fashion accessory industry, as retailers and brands understood the environmental impact of their business and were taking their responsibility with ambitious goals. However, reducing the environmental impact seemed difficult, because many available low impact solutions were non-transparent, not scalable and expensive. For synthetic wool there was no low impact alternative at all.

After many months of research and many failed tests, Polylana® branded fiber was created. In 2017, fashion accessories products made from Polylana® yarn were introduced to some large fashion retailers. The success was immediate.


Playing off that success, the strategic decision was made to make Polylana® fiber available for the whole fashion industry as sustainable alternative to acrylic. In December 2019 the company The Movement became independent, and brings now Polylana® Fiber to market.


Our Value

Polylana® Fiber offers brands and retailers a sustainable choice. The same ‘wool like’ hand feel and characteristics as acrylic fiber, but with a significant lower impact. Consumers will enjoy the same quality, the same value, but with an additional emotion of doing better.


Our Mission

Polylana® wants to become THE branded and trusted eco-efficient solution for knitwear in the textile market.

Our highlights so far

2015 - development innovative pellets and fiber
2016 - register trademark and patent
2017 - branding Polylana® as branded fiber

2018 - production start and exclusive distribution by ITC Accessories
2019 - Polylana® Yarn in fashion accessories available in more than 7,000 stores worldwide

2020 - The Movement independent from ITC Accessories. Polylana® Yarn open available from nominated spinners. Unlimited distribution, application and use.

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