At Polylana® we’re putting our best ideas into action and taking concrete steps for a brighter future.

Our revolutionary Polylana® fiber achieves the softness of a synthetic wooly fiber with a significantly lower environmental impact than acrylic. Polylana® fiber is versatile, traceable and 100% recyclable.

It’s all part of our mission to make the industry more sustainable; collaborating with as many partners as possible to draw down our collective impact thanks to higher quality, lower emissions solutions.

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Acrylonitrile free

Polylana® is acrylonitrile free.

Low impact

The production of the Polylana® fiber requires considerably less water which makes our overall impact significantly lower.* 

*verified LCA by Made2Flow

Low temperature

Polylana® fiber absorbs faster and colors on lower temperatures.

100% recyclable

Polylana® is a bi-component fiber and 100% recyclable.

No animals

Polylana® fiber is vegan. No animal products or derivatives are used in its manufacture.


Polylana® is traceable from fiber to final product.

Traceability  .   Versatility  .   Transparency  .  

Traceability  .  Versatility  .  Transparency  .  Traceability  .  Versatility  .  Transparency  . 

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Polylana® is traceable from fiber to the final product.

Every step of the creation process is transparent thanks to traceability technology. We use Aware™ - find out how they make better choices easier here.

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