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Suitable for a wide variety of applications and products.

Our bi-component polyester fiber combines the benefits of both natural and synthetic wools. And thanks to our unique proprietary extrusion method, Polylana® fiber boasts the softest hand feel with the lowest impact. No compromise on quality.

The fiber comes in fixed, bulky and high shrinkage varieties as well as in different lengths and volumes. It can also be mixed with many other natural and synthetic fibers for endless yarn creation possibilities.

Polylana® fiber can be presented in both round and flat cross sections offering countless ideas for innovative textile development.

Sweaters  .   Jackets  .   Coats  .   Beanies  .   Accessories  .  

Sweaters  .  Jackets  .  Coats  .  Beanies  .  Accessories  .  Sweaters  .  Jackets  .  Coats  .  Beanies  .  Accessories  .