Sustainability is about impact. To compare the impact of different materials, you have to understand the environmental impact (energy, water, CO2, etc.) each material has throughout the supply chain. This is done by an LCA (Life Cycle Assessment). An LCA models the complex interaction between a material and the environment, within a certain production cycle.

To compare the impact of Polylana® fiber vs. acrylic fiber, we have worked closely with Textile Exchange. Textile Exchange is a global non-profit that works with their members to drive industry transformation in preferred fibers, integrity and standards and responsible supply networks. In close collaboration with Brown and Wilmanns Environmental LLC, Textile Exchange studied and concluded available LCA data and information with detailed literature reviews of widely used different fibers and materials within the textile industry. Based on these validated studies, we can publish below LCA data for Polylana® vs Acrylic per 1 kilo undyed fiber:

Production Impact per 1 kilo Undyed Fiber


Energy (MJ)

Water (l)

Waste (kg)

GhG (kg Co2)

Fiber Release













76% Less

85% Less

76% Less

19% Less

32% Less
Fiber Release

Water savings per product

60% Polylana® / 40% Acrylic vs 100% Acrylic

25 Liters
of Water
20 Liters
of Water
15 Liters
of Water
10 Liters
of Water
5 Liters
of Water
Liters Saved Saves Water

One Beanie
Saves 5 liters
of Water

Liters Saved Saves Water

One Scarf
Saves 15 liters
of Water

Liters Saved Saves Water

One Sweater
Saves 25 liters
of Water

Reduces environmental impact

Reduces water consumption

Reduces energy emission during dyeing process

Polylana® Fiber is 100% traceable

Polylana® Fiber is embedded with the AWARE™ integrity solution, designed to provide customers using Polylana® with the highest level of transparency. Each and every production of Polylana® Fiber and final knitted products made from POLYLANA® Yarn, contains AWARE™ tracer particles and is registered on the AWARE™ blockchain to verify authenticity of Polylana® Fiber and to validate impact claims, certification and composition.

With AWARE™ integrity technology embedded in authentic Polylana® materials, our customers have the freedom and flexibility to produce final products with their own compliant and nominated supply chain partners and proof sustainability claims to consumers. No greenwashing, but transparency and honesty. True story.

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