More comfort, less impact

The fiber that keeps you warm and the planet cooler.

At Polylana® we´re putting our best ideas into action and taking concrete steps for a brighter future.

It’s all part of our mission to make the industry more sustainable; collaborating with as many partners as possible to draw down our collective impact thanks to higher quality, lower emissions solutions.

From the fiber to the brand  .  An end-to-end process  .  From the fiber to the brand  .  An end-to-end process  . 

A better industry,
a better world.

Our revolutionary Polylana® fiber achieves the softness of a synthetic wooly fiber with a significantly lower environmental impact than acrylic.

Polylana® fiber is versatile, traceable and 100% recyclable.

Our bi-component polyester fiber combines the benefits of both natural and synthetic wools.

Thanks to our unique proprietary extrusion method, Polylana® fiber boasts the softest hand feel with the lowest impact.

No compromise on quality.

  • Acrylonitrile free

    Polylana® is acrylonitrile free.

  • Low impact

    Our production requires considerably less water which makes our overall impact significantly lower.

  • Low temperature

    Polylana® fiber absorbs faster and colors on lower temperatures.

  • 100% recyclable

    Polylana® is a bi-component fiber and 100% recyclable.

  • No animals

    Polylana® fiber is vegan. No animal products or derivatives are used in its manufacture.

Our fiber characteristics make it suitable for a wide variety of products.

The fiber comes in fixed, bulky and high shrinkage varieties as well as in different lengths and volumes. It can also be mixed with many other natural and synthetic fibers for endless yarn creation possibilities.

Polylana® fiber can be presented in both round and flat cross sections offering countless ideas for innovative textile development.

A soft and natural texture that mimics the hand feel of traditional wool.

Strong and suitable for a range of yarn applications, Polylana® is perfect for knits, wovens and faux furs.

The fiber was specifically developed to significantly reduce environmental impact and provide brands with a responsible choice for product development.

All the warmth
of a wooly touch

wooly hand-feel

High quality,
low impact faux fur

Working together will get us to a more sustainable world faster.

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